Bait Information

We spend many hours in all weathers on  lakes and rivers trying hard for a catch that will better our personal best.

This is why it is so important to find baits which have been produced by manufactures known for producing genuine quality baits.

Both Skrettings and Coppens supply baits not only to anglers but to important fisheries where quality feeds count.

dingledell2 FISHING BAITS recognise these qualities and we buy these supplier's products when ever possible knowing that the best baits offer confidence to any angler. 

With so many commercial fisheries around the country offering excellent sport, owners are encouraging anglers to use baits and feeder pellets that offer quality so not to harm the fish stocks that have taken years to build; this is why so many fisheries are listing more rules.

We do our best to supply the best baits, these products will help you to catch that personal best.


Tight Lines for the 2020 Season.


dingledell2 FISHING BAITS